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The percentage of older individuals in the population has increased with each decade, and the proportion of persons 75 years and older has grown even faster. As a result, chronic diseases and falls have increased and are now the leading causes of death and disability among older Americans.
Fortunately, both chronic diseases and falls are highly preventable. The health seminars provided through INCOG and its partners are Evidence Based, meaning they have been thoroughly studied, tested, and are proven to be more effective than standard care. The information provided through the seminars increase older adults’ quality of life—improving health behaviors, health and functional status, and overall well-being.

For more information, please click on the Health Seminars link to the left of this page.

Four types of Evidence-Based health seminars are available throughout the year:

• Chronic Disease Self-Management: Living Longer Living Stronger
• Tomando Control de su Salud: Living Longer Living Stronger in Spanish
• Diabetes Self-Management
• Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance

Living Longer, Living Stronger is a workshop that will teach you practical skills to manage chronic health problem such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, lung disease and high blood pressure, etc. There are 10-15 people in each workshop and people with different chronic conditions. It will give you the confidence and motivation you need to manage the challenges of living with a chronic health condition. This workshop is also for family members and caregivers of those with chronic health conditions.

Tomando Control de su Salud is a community-based workshop given two and a half hours, once a week, for six weeks. Spanish-speaking people with different chronic health problems attend together. Workshops are facilitated by two trained certified and active leaders, one or both of whom are non-health professionals with a chronic disease themselves. All workshops are given in Spanish without translators.

Diabetes Self-Management workshops are given 2½ hours once a week for six weeks, in community settings such as churches, community centers, libraries and hospitals.
People with type 2 diabetes attend the workshop in groups of 12-16. Workshops are facilitated from a highly detailed manual by two trained Leaders. Subjects covered include: 1) techniques to deal with the symptoms of diabetes, fatigue, pain, hyper/hypoglycemia, stress, and emotional problems such as depression, anger, fear and frustration; 2) appropriate exercise for maintaining and improving strength and endurance; 3) healthy eating 4) appropriate use of medication; and 5) working more effectively with health care providers.

Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance
Falls are the leading cause of injury deaths among the elderly population. Among various steps older adults can take to prevent falls are exercise and practicing the art of Tai Chi. Research has shown that Tai Chi, a very low-impact balance and mental agility exercise, is one of the single most effective activities to help older adults protect their independence and at the same time reduce their risk of falling. There are eight single Tai Chi movements in this balance program. They are derived from more extensive traditional programs but have been modified to suit adults who wish to improve their balance, strength, mobility, mental agility and self-confidence. These workshops consist of twenty-four classes, typically two classes a week, for 12 weeks.