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In addition to supporting the 208 Plan and conducting specialized water quality studies, INCOG has created two regional programs that add additional water quality protection strategies.

The Green Country Stormwater Alliance (GCSA) represents over a dozen cities and counties in Northeast Oklahoma that are implementing urban water quality protection programs. Most cities in the Tulsa metropolitan area, as well as many other urbanized and designated areas in Oklahoma, must comply with EPA and ODEQ regulations governing stormwater pollution from urban areas. These Phase I and Phase II cities and counties must implement a suite of Best Management Practices (BMPs) that lead to reductions of pollutants from urban sources, including construction sites. Visit the GCSA website for more details about these stormwater protection.

For more information, go to: www.stormwaterok.net

The Oklahoma Stream Team (OST) is an association of Federal, State and private technical professional staff dedicated to improving urban streams by assisting in the use of bioremediation methods for stream channel restoration. Over the years, too many urban streams were simply made into concrete lined channels – this destroyed aquatic habitat and turned a stream into a conduit.

In many cases, where stream channel improvements are needed for enhanced flood control or to eliminate erosion problems, a bioremediation approach will work as well as channel hardening, and it enhances aquatic habitat and is more desirable for adjacent property owners. The OST has two missions: 1) education and outreach to developers, planners, engineers, agencies and consultants; and 2) providing a team of volunteer professionals, at no cost, to work with a project’s designers to provide technical input on bioremediation options for the project.

For more information, go to: www.streamteamok.net