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  1. Public Safety Districts - Allow municipalities to create by public vote a public safety district to fund public safety operations using up to a 5 mill assessment. HB 1374, SB 345

  2. Suspension of Vehicle Registration – Allow municipalities to place a hold on future vehicle registrations (instead of issuing a warrant for arrest) until the defendant has paid outstanding fines. HB 2159

  3. Land Acquisition Reform – Allow municipalities to make a last offer to settle after the filing of the Commissioners’ Report to increase the amount provided to the citizen and to avoid the costs incurred in a jury trial. SB 290


  1. Digitizing county records - Amend statutes to allow certain county records to be archived using electronic means. HB 1234

  2. Abandoned and Neglected Property – Allow municipalities to require the registration of properties that have been declared a public nuisance. HB 1381

  3. City County Cooperation – Expand or remove population caps allowing counties to assist municipalities on street construction, maintenance or repair. HB 1301