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The Need for a Comprehensive Land Use Plan for the Physical Development of Osage County

During the formative stages of decision-making that led the Osage County Board of Commissioners (Board), the Osage County Industrial Authority (Authority) and the Pawhuska Osage County Planning Commission (Planning Commission) to initiate preparation of a comprehensive land use plan for the County, it was clear that these entities had recognized the need to prepare and adopt formal public land use policies that would bear upon the growth and development of the overall County. Initially, the Authority contacted INCOG (www.incog.org) and expressed interest in preparing an industrial land use plan that would become the basic tool for future economic development. The Authority was also interested in developing what would become a tourism and marketing plan to serve as a major tool for future economic development and publicize and promote the unique tourism and recreation opportunities that were present in the County.

The Authority realized that it was critically important that the heretofore unguided physical growth and development of Osage County (County) actually posed a major threat to the very character of the County that made it unique and great and that both interests must be served. The Authority initiated preparation of an industrial land use plan with the INCOG and also provided the Osage County Tourism Advisory Board a seed grant to initiate preparation of a plan for tourism and marketing. The centerpiece of the Tourism Plan is shown on the web page www.visittheosage.com.

The Authority agreement with INCOG for the industrial land use plan was expanded by joint action with the Board to become preparation of a comprehensive land use plan and address not only industrial, but all facets of land use planning. The 2030 Plan will be a comprehensive plan for sustainable development and orderly growth of the overall County that addresses the diversity of the character of the County’s land and peoples while preserving and protecting the unique and pristine natural and man-made resources of the County.

A comprehensive plan should always be considered in the context of the unique location, resources and composition of the Planning Area. Comprehensive plans must also be considered in their entirety- no single policy, strategy, principal or standard should be read or considered in isolation. In general and as it applies to the 2030 Plan, comprehensive plans are not to be considered written in stone and must provide measures of flexibility to policymakers. Comprehensive plans must not be applied or interpreted in such a manner as to impede the attainment of its strategies.

The 2030 Plan will be a “living document’ and the result of a very public process whereby a vision of the County and its physical development is reduced to statements of standards and strategies, goals, policies objectives and detailed plans for the functional elements of the Planning Area. The 2030 Plan will be the officially adopted statement of public policy for the physical development of the County.