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Commissioner Jim Clark, District 3, Chairman
Commissioner Bob Jackson, District 1
Commissioner Scott Hilton, District 2
In Memory - Clarence Brantley, Former Commissioner District 1

Chairman Jim Clark
Commissioner Doyle Altaffer
Commissioner Bruce Gerhold
Commissioner Robin Bias
Commissioner Cindy Tillman
Commissioner William Brown
Commissioner Steve Ridener
Commissioner Dean Schroeder
Commissioner Terry Shreve
Commissioner Van Bighorse

Chairman, RJ Walker
Jimmy Seago
Eddy Red Eagle
Bruce Smith 
Ray Red Corn
Jeff Phillippi
Martin Tucker
Gary S. Weyl
Tex Bayouth

2030 OSAGE County Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee and Focus Group
Bob Jackson, Osage County Commissioner District 1
Scott Hilton, Osage County Commissioner District 2
Jim Clark, Osage County Commissioner District 3
RJ Walker, Chairman OCIA and Director Osage Nation Transportation Program
Eddy Red Eagle, Member OCIA and Osage Nation Congress
Jimmy Seago, Member OCIA and Manager Osage Co RWD#15
Bruce Smith, Member OCIA and Sr. Financial Advisor Ameriprise
Jeff Phillippi, Member OCIA and Realtor
Gary S. Weyl, Member OCIA and Rancher
Tex Bayouth, Member OCIA and City Manager Hominy
Raymond Red Corn, Member OCIA and Osage Nation Congress
Joyce Whitewing-Slate, Executive Vice President Osage Producers Association
Chris Mauter, Independent Oil Producer Mariah Oil & Exploration
Clay Wilson, Independent Oil Producer
Kent Trentman, President Osage Cattlemen’s Association
Mark Simms, Former Chairman Osage Nation Congress and
Economic Development Committee
John H Mashunkashey Former Chairman Osage Nation Minerals Council
Carol Leese, CEO Osage, LLC
Eddie Brokeshoulder, Former Osage Nation Executive and
Osage Nation Economic Development
Terry Walters, Director Marketing and Economic Development
City of Sand Springs
Rachel Clyne, Former Planning & Neighborhood Service City of Sand Springs
Jim Dunlap, Interim Planning & Neighborhood Service City of Sand Springs
Susan Pitts, Coordinator Community Development City of Sand Springs
Martin Tucker, Town Administrator Town of Skiatook
Jim Dunlap, Planning Staff Town of Skiatook
Lisa Beeman, City Planner City of Bartlesville
Steve Guy, Chairman Osage County Tourism Oversight Committee
Patty Plummer, Former Project Manager Osage County
Tourism Oversight Committee
Gail Hedgcoth, Osage County Assessor
Denny Hutson, Osage County Clerk
Diane Daniels, Director Osage Nation Environmental and Natural Resources
Ronnie Tucker, Keystone Lake Association Keyport Marina
Larry Condley, Skiatook Lake Association
Kent Dunlap, US Army Corps of Engineers Keystone Lake
Dallas W. Tomlinson, US Army Corps of Engineers Hulah Lake
Greg Bersche, US Army Corps of Engineers Skiatook Lake Office
Bruce Gerhold, Osage County Planning Commissioner
Jake Bruno, Director Osage County Planning & Zoning
Paula Mashunkashey, Office Manager Osage County Planning and Zoning
Candy Thomas, INCOG Planning Consultant and Support Staff to the Osage County Industrial Authority
Terry Heilig, Consultant Osage County Industrial Authority
Mike McCartney, Director City of Pawhuska Chamber and
Economic Development
Mike Pattison, Director Osage County Emergency Management
Janeen Stuart, Osage County E911
Chris Robideau, Planning Director PAIKI
Cynthia Kitchens, US Army Corp PMP
Paul McAlexander, City Manager City of Pawhuska

Rich Brierre, Executive Director
Ann Domin, Deputy Director
Irving Frank, Community Planning
Manager and Project Manager
Candy Thomas, INCOG Planning Consultant
Jim Hodges, Community Planner
Kathleen Butler, Transportation Division
Viplav Putta, Transportation Manager
Tim Armer, Former Transportation Manager
Barbara Gibson, Data and GIS Mapping
Barbara Albritton, Rural Development Coordinator
Patricia Dinoa, Senior Transportation Planner
Ty Simmons, Senior GIS Analyst, Transportation
James Wagner, Senior Transportation Planner
Kasey Frost, Transportation Outreach Planner
Dale Block, Fire Service Coordinator
Brad Gemeinhart, Communications Coordinator