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Vision and Goals

Through various public outreach efforts, INCOG has ascertained the course the community wants to take in terms of strategic goals for the regional transportation system.  There are two sets of equally important goals.  The Core goals are distinct and easily categorized while the Cross-Cutting goals cross multiple categories, affecting many aspects of the transportation system.


The paramount purpose of the transportation system is to enhance and sustain the quality of life and economic vitality of the region.  This will be accomplished by judiciously developing, maintaining, and managing a transportation system that meets the accessibility needs of people and goods in the region through safe, environmentally prudent, and financially sound means

Core Goals

  • Accessibility – The transportation system should be multi-modal, providing reasonable mobility for all persons in the region.

  • Economic Development – The transportation system should advance and support the economic well-being of the region.

  • Environment – The transportation system must respect the natural environment, support social justice, respect and serve the built environment, and be compatible with land development throughout the region.

  • Finance – The feasibility of the transportation system must be ensured by minimizing cost, wisely applying the existing resources while seeking new and innovative sources, and expanding opportunities for greater partnership with the private sector for investing in the system.

Cross-Cutting Goals

  • Safety – Develop a transportation system that reduces fatalities and injuries and minimizes harm without compromising the benefits of the system.

  • Maintenance – Preserve and improve the condition and function of the transportation system.

  • Efficient and Effective – Promote a transportation system that provides mobility throughout the region easily, quickly, reliably and at the least cost.

  • Management and Operation – Maximize the use of technology options to advance the mobility of users and improve the management and operation of the transportation system