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KATY Trail - Photo Gallery

Creek Turnpike Trail | Jenks Aquarium Trail | KATY Trail | Liberty Trail | Midland Valley Trail

Mingo Trail | Newblock Park Trail | Osage Trail | River City Trail (Sand Springs)

River Parks East Bank Trail
| River Parks West Bank Trail | River Walk Trail (Bixby)


View from beginning of trail behind Tulsa Co. Jail

Trail at Gilcrease Museum Road (Newblock Park trail connection)

Newblock Park Trail connection

Rest spots at Gilcrease Museum Road

Gilcrease Museum Road

Bicyclist on trail

Pedestrian on trail

Neighborhood connection at N. 38th Ave. W.

Zeigler Park is accessible via a spur trail

49th W Ave Intersection

Benches line the trail for resting

Convenience Store near mile marker 4.0

The original Sand Springs, where the city gets its name

Parking in Sand Springs at Adams Rd (behind Drug Warehouse)

Some of the trail follows train tracks

9 hour parking is available at Main Street in Sand Springs

View of Main Street Sand Springs

View of Main Street Sand Springs

Connection with Avery Dr bikeway

View from Arkansas River Bridge (Downtown Tulsa in background)

St. Francis Pink Bicycles at River City Park

River City Trail (Sand Springs)

Arkansas River near the River City Trail

Pavillion in River City Park

Dirt bike track in River City Park

Canopied trees

Downtown Tulsa from the trailhead behind the Tulsa Co. Jail