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Osage Trail/ Osage Prairie Trail

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River Parks East Bank Trail
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Quick Facts:

Trail Length: 14.5 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Restrooms/Drinking fountains

  • Restrooms available at Skiatook Trailhead

  • Water fountains available at Skiatook, Sperry, 76th St. N., 56th St. N., Mohawk Blvd., and OSU-Tulsa Trailhead

Connections to other trails:

  • Greenwood on-street bikeway (which connects to the Archer St. Bikeway, and to the KATY Trail)


Osage Trail Map (pdf)

Osage Trail Map


Osage Prairie Trail Route Map - Tulsa County (pdf)


Osage Prairie Trail Route Map - Skiatook (pdf)

The Osage Prairie Trail is located on the old Midland Valley Rail bed.  This railroad was abandoned, and through Vision 2025 monies, the trail was able to be developed.  The 14.5 mile trail begins at OSU-Tulsa and continues to Highway 20 in Skiatook.  The trail has an easy grade, since it was once a railroad corridor.  There are several access points along the trail, equipped with bike racks, water fountains, parking, and benches. 


The trail is actually maintained by three entities.  The City of Tulsa Public Works Dept. maintains the trail between OSU-Tulsa and 56th St. North.  The Tulsa County Parks Dept. maintains the trail from 56th St. North to the county boundary.  The Town of Skiatook maintains the trail from the county boundary until the trail terminus in Skiatook. 


The trail is lighted by ornamental street lamps as it passes through Sperry and Skiatook (see picture).  The trail passes many fields of grazing cattle and horses.  As the trail passes through Sperry, the charming downtown area is right on the trail.  Parking is available just off Main Street in downtown Sperry.