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River Parks East Bank Trail

Trail Length: 10.4 miles

Trailheads: Southwest Blvd. and 101st St. (Jenks)

Trailheads and Parking Areas:

  • Route 66 Plaza
  • 17th and Riverside Drive
  • 21st and Riverside Drive
  • 41st and Riverside Drive
  • 56th and Riverside Drive
  • 64th and Riverside Drive
    (small parking lot – 5 spaces)
  • 68th and Riverside Drive
  • 96th and Riverside Drive

Water Fountains/Restrooms:

  • 21st Street
  • 41st Street
  • 56th Street
  • 73rd Street
  • 96th Street

Connections to other trails:

Trail Maps (click link for a .pdf version)

North Segment

South Segment


Maintenance Contact
River Parks Authority
Phone: 918.596.2001