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In 2010, INCOG was designated as the Area Agency on Aging for Creek, Osage, and Tulsa counties by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. The Area Agency on Aging was established in 1974 under the Older Americans Act of 1965 to respond to the needs of Americans 60 and over in every local community. The City of Tulsa operated the Area Agency on Aging for 36 years.

The mission of the INCOG Area Agency on Aging (IAAA) is to improve quality of life by promoting independence, dignity, and health for senior citizens through advocacy, education, and support of community-based services. By providing a range of options that allow older adults to choose the home and community-based services and living arrangements that suit them best, IAAA makes it possible for older adults to remain in their homes and communities as long as possible.

Through funding from the Older Americans Act, IAAA services include transportation, information and assistance, in-home services, legal assistance, senior nutrition services, long-term care ombudsman, and other community support. During the past five years, the Councils of Government in Oklahoma have administered more than $88 million in Area Agency on Aging programs serving nearly 250,000 clients.

The Older Americans Act
Since its inception in 1965, the Older Americans Act (OAA) has been the foundation of services for older adults in the United States and forms the nucleus of our national system of home and community-based services for older Americans. The OAA provides funding to states for a range of community planning and service programs to older Americans at risk of losing their independence. Since its enactment, the OAA has been amended fifteen times, most recently in 2006, to expand the scope of services, increase local control and responsibility, and add more protections for the elderly.


Tulsa C.A.N. Plan
INCOG Area Agency on Aging was one out of ten agencies selected in August 2018 to receive the National Aging and Disability Transportation Center “Getting Ready to Innovate Grant”. The Tulsa C.A.N. (Creating Access to Nutrition) Plan identified solutions to serve and connect older adults and people with disabilities living in food deserts in Tulsa to healthy food sources, building new partnerships and community involvement, and finding solutions that improve accessibility to be replicated in other food desert areas within the region.

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