Transportation Policy Committee

For the Tulsa Transportation Management Area

Meeting Notice and Agenda

10:00 a.m.  Thursday, February 25, 2010

2 West 2nd Street, Tulsa, OK, 74103, Williams Tower II, Suite 800 Map

Consider, discuss and/or take action on:

1. Call to Order and Introductions

2. Minutes of February 4, 2010   pdf

3. Transportation Improvement Program Amendments  pdf

ODOT is requesting an amendment to the FFY2010 TIP to include a line item for potential Jobs for Main Street projects.  The total anticipated statewide cost is $378 million at 100% federal funding. These projects will be required to be consistent with the Destination 2030 long range transportation plan. The Transportation Technical Committee has reviewed this amendment and recommends approval.

4. Unified Planning Work Program Amendment pdf

The US Environmental Protection Agency will be revising the National Ambient Air Quality Standard for ozone.  In anticipation of a potential Nonattainment designation for the Tulsa metropolitan area the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) is making federal State Planning and Research (SPR) funds available to INCOG to develop the travel demand model and emissions model for those counties expected to be designated Nonattainment.  Further, for the purposes of collecting census data relevant to transportation planning for counties in the Tulsa Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), INCOG will be delineating Transportation Analysis Zones for all counties in the MSA.  The total estimated cost for this work for Fiscal Year 2010 is $7,500.  The Transportation Technical Committee has reviewed this amendment and recommends approval.

5. Jobs for Main Street Applications  

The US Senate is expected to act on the House version of the Jobs for Main Street bill within the next two weeks.  This bill is expected to include funding for roadway infrastructure using distribution and eligibility criteria similar to that in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  Therefore INCOG has requested member governments to submit applications for projects for this funding.  Staff will present the applications and the recommendations of the Transportation Technical Committee at the Committee meeting.

6. Reports/Discussion

a)   Air Quality Report   pdf

b)  Tulsa Regional Trails Master Plan Report  pdf

c)   Federal Transportation Funding Report

d)  TIP Line Item Update  htm

7. Other Business

8. Adjournment

If you require special accommodations pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, please notify the INCOG Transportation Planning Division at or 918-584-7526, by February 23, 2010