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News & Updates

  • Please join the Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee for a FREE Workshop on February 22nd, "Navigating MAP-21". For details on the workshop, including registration please click here.
  • The Connections 2035: Regional Transportation Plan is now available for viewing. Thank you to the many organizations and committees that submitted valuable feedback during the comment period.

  • INCOG hosted a 7-part webinar series in June 2012 "AASHTO Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities". This webinar series discussed the 4th Edition of the AASHTO Guide and answer questions about new concepts in facility design and safety. Click here for details on how to view sessions.
  • On March 1, INCOG hosted a workshop for communities to learn how to become more bicycle friendly. The president of the League of American Bicyclists, Andy Clarke, presented on the 5 Es of bicycle friendliness: Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement and Evaluation.  James Wagner followed up with a presentation on what is happening around Tulsa now with bicycle friendly communities.  
  • FFY 2011-2014 Transportation Improvement Program Available Online - The adopted 2011-2014 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is now available online in a spreadsheet format for ease of use.  Changes, updates, and amendments will be included in this document as the INCOG Board of Directors approves them.  Click here for the online FFY 2011-2014 TIP  or for a static copy of the approved TIP click here TIP2011-2014.pdf.

  • INCOG's Travel Demand Model- Click here to view the Powerpoint presentation.

  • Census Update- by now census forms have been mailed or hand-delivered to nearly all households across the U.S., and we are happy to report that the census is on time and on budget. The Census Bureau will begin posting daily mail participation rates on our Web site next week. Visit this site to see how your area did in the 2000 Census.

  • Rail Transit Strategic Plan - Learn more about rail opportunities in the Tulsa region.  The Rail Transit Strategic Plan the Report of the Transportation Strategies Ad Hoc Committee of the INCOG Transportation Policy Committee, was adopted by the INCOG Board of Director during their November meeting.

About Transportation Planning

INCOG was designated by the governor of Oklahoma as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Tulsa region in accordance with federal law.  As the MPO, INCOG, in cooperation with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) and Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority (MTTA), is responsible for the development of regional transportation plans and programs for the Tulsa Transportation Management Area (TMA). 

A Citizen's Guide to Transportation Planning - Learn more about Transportation Planning and how you can become involved with this guide offered by the Federal Highway Administration.

The following video (approximately 6 minutes) provides a good overview of the transportation planning process for metropolitan areas.


The Transportation Planning Process Key Issues: A Briefing Book for Transportation Decisionmakers, Officials, and Staff (FHWA and FTA Document) - Learn more about the issues and requirements in the transportation planning process for metropolitan areas.