Whatís included in the Regional Transportation Plan?

The Connections 2035 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) describes specific needed improvements for the Tulsa area transportation system.This includes the location, design, and funding for modes of transportation (Public Transportation, Bicycle/Pedestrian, Roadways, Port, and Airport) in Tulsa County and parts of Creek, Osage, Rogers, and Wagoner counties. (For a map, see www.incog.org/Transportation/maps)


How will the RTP affect me?

Improvements to the transportation system can change the character of your neighborhood and the way you travel.The RTP isnít just a list of trails to be built and roads to be widened - itís a comprehensive plan for all components of the transportation system that affect your everyday life.


Why should I become involved?

Everyone has a right to a safe, accessible transportation system, and your participation helps make that possible.Your comments and surveys guide the direction of the RTP and may result in the addition of specific projects or policies.It is important to become involved now because implementation of the RTP will begin immediately after adoption - less than five years from now.†††††


What type of comments can I make?

Any of your observations or suggestions about the transportation system or transportation modes are welcome.You can also let your opinions and interests be known by completing one of the Phase I surveys to be conducted this year.Your input will be reviewed by INCOG staffers, who may contact you for more information or to discuss possible solutions.


Who constructs the projects or implements the actions described in the RTP?

The RTP is implemented by local and state partners.These same partners are also the appropriate contacts for current projects or maintenance needs.If you have questions about a specific project, please call, and INCOG staff will direct you to the appropriate agency.


Learn more at www.incog.org/transportation/connections2035