Question 1 - In terms of condition of the trails, what do you feel is most important (1 being most important and 5 being least important.)Question 2 - In terms of trail availability, what do you feel is the most important? Please pick one.Question 3 - In terms of trail safety, what do you feel is the most important? (1 being most important and 3 being least important.)Question 4 - Would you be willing to financially support trail improvements? If yes, check all that apply.Question 5 - What new trails would you like to see developed?Question 6 What other areas of the trail system need improvement?
Respondenta) Widthb) Amenitiesc) Chatd) Asphalte) Design a) Lightingb) User Separationc) Safety EducationGas-TaxUser-FeesSales-TaxBond-Issue  Date
124531Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.312Yes YesYesMingo Trail conncetion to Mohawk West Bank trail to Turkey Mountain River trails extension south of 111th Broken Arrow South loopA more complete trail system which connects more of the area communities is vital to a well used viable trail system. It would be nice if there was a single entity (besides INCOG) who's focus would be trail development and trail maintenance. It might just be a committee of some sort with reps from INCOG, RP, County, communities.... I believe that a good portion of the River Parks trail is undersized based on the quantiy of users. I would suggest a seperate trail for bicylists, since their speed is so much higher than peds....I think this expansion would be supported by the community and users.12-09- 2003
224412Easily Accessible - by car, bike, running/walking to the trail.111Yes   You have a good plan for the TMA. Finish it. 12-09- 2003
314523Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.231Yes  YesBike Routes on 4 lane main arterial roads that are maintained and kept clean.... i.e. Mohawk Blvd.Crossings at Intersections and the route at Creek Nation Bingo should be re-routed behind the center. That is a very dangerous part of the path.12-09- 2003
455311Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.133   Yesyou should have paved along south delaware when they were laying the new sewer line there several years ago. it still needs to be done and now it will cost more. there needs to be some dedicated (no motorized access) trails running east and west somewhere north of the creek turnpike. maybe protected lanes, like the turtle dome things to keep cars from using that space, for bikes along some of the streets 3rd/4th sts., maybe 41st and 71st, then you have to have some on the north side pine and/or apache and then 36th/46th out to the port.the riverside area needs trails along both banks from at least the west side of sand springs to the east side of broken arrow and crossovers at each bridge12-09- 2003
534215Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.213  Yes There are no trails that connect neighborhoods between Mingo/Memorial 21st, 31st, 41st to River trails. We have flood control areas that would make ideal trails but need to connect them to each other. A few bridges would do the trick.Need to be better marked or advertised somehow. Riverparks are well known but the rest of Tulsa trails are relatively unknown.12-09- 2003
611511Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.311Yes  YesA favorite route that is used most frequently by Tulsa cyclists needs a lot of work from the 21st bridge to the end of Avery Drive. There are some deep pavement separations near the traffic light at 21st and Southwest Blvd. Hundreds of riders use that road every week.....21st Street to Avery Drive. Last year my bike tire wedged in one of the pavement cracks in the left hand land going east and I wound up with a dislocated shoulder and 4 compound fracture to my left arm. A women in a pickup truck saved my life by blocking traffic from not running over me. The cracks need to be filled or identified with orange circles...they are another accident waiting to happen. We need more lane markers and signs on Avery Drive. New road improvements have covered the lane markers. We need more signs in that area signs warning cars to watch for bikes on the road. Alot of the driver's seem hostile to bike riders...yelling obscenities and throwing things out car windows including firecrackers. It's a great place to ride, but needs a lot of safety measures. The blinking lights at the beginning and end of Avery Drive are not enough. 12-09- 2003
724513Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.312Yes YesYes  12-09- 2003
814142Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.122YesYesYes   12-09- 2003
932514Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.123   YesSomething through the heart of the city from East to West that gets you downtown and able to pick up on the trail system directly to the west of the city of Tulsa.Where trail users are to go "off the trails" and use city streets, at least (until the trails are made to connect fully), the city needs to put in sidewalks. 36th Street is ridiculous being only two laned when you expect riders to "share the road" with such narrow lanes and vehicles that weigh thousands of pounds more than they. And, when you are on the streets, there are areas where curb cuts DO NOT EXIST, and it is vey difficult to find ways to get up and down them. The city, in general, has put cuts on some curbs, and opposite those SAME curbs, they don't put a cut to get back up out of the street. We ride East to West across the city--and have to use 15th, 21st, and 31st Streets to get to any of the existing trails and it is very hard to make your way safely and smoothly across the city to do so. The trail goes from sidewalks to no sidewalks, curb cuts to no curb cuts...12-09- 2003
1043512Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.321Yes  YesI'm more of a road rider, so I don't have much comment on the trails. I would appreciate bike lanes on more roads.Connections and clarity. I hear reference to the "Midland Valley trail," for example, and I've probably been on it but I have no real idea where it is. Also I see a new trail I think near the Tisdale Expy (?) Where does it connect to?12-09- 2003
1125531Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.213Yes YesYes  12-09- 2003
1253535Easily Accessible - by car, bike, running/walking to the trail.221Yes YesYesOsage to Barnsdall, Trailto southernOK, East Tulsa trail, Trail to Broken ArrowThe trails that exist now and the ones that are planned need to be advertised more as part of a reason to come to the Tulsa area. In my job I talk to lots of peple from different cities that say we are lucky to have the trails that exist now, that nothing exists like this in their town.12-09- 2003
1314321Easily Accessible - by car, bike, running/walking to the trail.311Yes YesYes1) Osage Trail - Rails to trails 2) Link from Osage trail to existing Riverparks trail 3) Trail from 101st & Memorial to near Mohawk Park (Fully Implement the Mingo Trail) 4) Other trails to link to Riverpark and continue on outside the city limits and into the countryside (long mileage trails)Bikers, Joggers & walkers all have different agendas and speeds on the trails. There probably needs to be a way to allow all to utilize the facilities but still be slightly separated for safety reasons. I'm a biker and am surprised how many walkers will use the entire width of the trail and are oblivious to the fact that this is not proper on a bike/walk/jog trail. Also as a biker I like varied terrain rather than long, flat, straight stretches. I think the Creek turnpike trail is an excellent example of variety which just makes riding that route more pleasurable Finally I have lived in other cities and have come to realize that the trails are something special. I think the community should continue to build on what we have to make this a world-class trail system. We have an excellent start (base) and we should not stop until we have a system for which all other communities are envious.13-09- 2003
1412412Easily Accessible - by car, bike, running/walking to the trail.131   YesThe Bixby Trail hooked up to the River ParksI only go on a short distance of the trail system, but I think it is wonderful.13-09- 2003
1515342Easily Accessible - by car, bike, running/walking to the trail.312YesYesYesYes  13-09- 2003
1623145Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.123Yes YesYesCreek trail east of Memorial South Riverside trail extension - from 91st, south to Memorial and then from 121st to Bixby adjacent to Memorial. Also 121st east of Memorial to 193rd East Ave or connecting to the Creek East extension Neighborhood connections - trails / sidewalks 13-09- 2003
1743512Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.213Yes  YesTrail that parallels Hwy 169 and I-244 so they could connect to Riverside & Turnpike trails. Trails that follows paths of I-44 and BA Expressway. These trails would be easy to recognize and follow, people would be apt to use them since they already know where they go.Safer intersections where streets are involved. More signs at these locations would help make drivers aware of trail users. Emergency phones along trails.15-09- 2003
1824153 111   Yes  15-09- 2003
1932111Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.132   YesI like the trails being developed toward Osage County. Trails that get me out of town are my biggest interest. 15-09- 2003
2042513Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.123Yes YesYesStop building and funding "scenic recreation" trails and pls start prioritizing trails which give users greater access to existing system for commuting to work. An recent example of funding a recreational trail is the redundant Arkansas river west side trail extension. These monies should have gone into trails which access neighborhoods so that the system can be utilized w/o first getting into a car to drive to a trailhead. This includes building trails in the Major aterial road ROWs, where applicable.Lighting along Creek Turnpike15-09- 2003
2134521Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.312Yes YesYesalong Creek turnpike and hw 169 from 91 to admiral bike lanes throughout mid townEast and West bank from jenks to bixby15-09- 2003
2243521Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.123   YesI would like to see a trail that does cross town from the river to Hwy 169. Extend west side of river trail all the way north to Chandler Park.West side of the river16-09- 2003
2351342Easily Accessible - by car, bike, running/walking to the trail.231Yes YesYesFrom the Retention pond near E. 74th Pl. S. and S. 88th E. Ave. east to Hwy 169, and along 169 south to connect to the trail at Memorial and the Creek Nation Turnpike.There should be parking at maximum intervals of 1 mile. My wife and I are walking the entire trail system in intervals of 1 mile segments. That means we will walk approxiamtely 2 miles (1 mile forward and 1 mile back) each trip. However, when we are unable to find parking within 1 mile segments of the trail, we are unable to cover that part of the trail because the total distance would be greater than the 2 mile maximum she is able to handle. In other words, we would have to walk more than 1 mile forward and 1 mile back if we can not park within 1 mile of additional parking places. The best example of this problem is that there is no parking at Yale and the Creek Nation Turnpike nor at Harvard and the Creek Nation Turnpike. Therefore, we would have to park at Sheridan and the Creek Nation Turnpike or at Riverside and 96th St, causing the walk to be a total of approximately 4 miles in order to cover the trail segment between Harvard and Yale.16-09- 2003
2413512Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.311Yes   To see the entire Tulsa trails master plan implemented.$ for the River Parks Authority to resurface portions of trails which need it.22-09- 2003
2514532Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.321Yes YesYes On street linkages need to be direct with as few stops as possible on multi-lane streets (preferably collectors) with protected/signalized crossings of other major roads. Motorists pass bicyclists too closely in wide outside lane situations and ignore/don't see bicycllists traveling too close to curbs or in bicycle lanes.29-09- 2003
2624512Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.211YesYesYesYesTrails in South Tulsa where streets are too narrow and traffic heavy -- 91st, Yale, Sheridan, Mingo, and 101st. Connect Haikey Creek Park Extend Creek expressway to the east beyond memorial. Have a pedestrian bridge -- for bikes, too -- ramp not steps -- like they do in Europe.Pedestrian bridge at 81st and Riverside29-09- 2003
2732311Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.123Yes   Access to midtown 29-09- 2003
2831153Easily Accessible - by car, bike, running/walking to the trail.221   YesWest bank of Arkansas River all the way down to 71st. The dirt trail along the river between 21st and the pedestrian overpass north of 31st is the most pleasant part of a run. I would like to see more dirt or bark trails close to the river.Uniformed law enforcement presence in the form of a bike patrol.29-09- 2003
2924325Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.123 Yes  Connect existing Creek to east BA Creek 29-09- 2003
3032451Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.132Yes   Southeast along Creek Turnpike from Memorial to Hwy 169 29-09- 2003
3134221Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.211Yes Yes West Bank 71st to Jenks Bridge. S Delaware 101st to Sheridan. From Newblock Park bottom of hill at Gilcrease Road along levee to W 41st Street (north of Zieglar Park) to connect to KATY trail. Top of Levee on North Bank Arkansas River from Newblock to hiway 97. Connector from River Parks to Rails to Trails project at Greenwood.Crossing of Sheridan on Creek Expressway Trail. Re-Paveing of deteriorated sections of E. 3rd & 4th Streets. Access from gated neighborhoods between Creek Trail & 101st Street.29-09- 2003
3235421Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.312YesYesYesYesExtend down both sides of the river south of 91stWe are big users of the bike trails and think that INCOG/Tulsa is doing a great job on this!29-09- 2003
3324513Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.132Yes   I would like to see more trails connect to the neighborhoods to make them easier to use-- and/or a bike path/lane on major roads to get to the trails. Also-- more sidewalks to trails and within neighborhoods is needed.The trails need to be better maintained and wider. Many times people almost get run over. I would also like to see better lighting and emergency phones.29-09- 2003
3435421Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.312Yes YesYesMid town South tulsa, bixby, south ba 29-09- 2003
3534512Easily Accessible - by car, bike, running/walking to the trail.312    Continue Trail around city along Hyw 169, more trails in east Tulsa, begin development of network instead of a lot of individual trails so you can access River Parks from north or east Tulsa (put an official trail along 36th ST instead of it just being marked as a bike trail).A good distribution of drinking fountains, when trails start connecting up having good signage at trail intersections and "clever" names for trails, cross under roadway tunnels for increased safety of trail users.30-09- 2003
3643512Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.123  Yes   30-09- 2003
3721311Easily Accessible - by car, bike, running/walking to the trail.111   YesTrails on the east side. 02-10- 2003
3825413Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.231   YesCurrent plans look good, but more direct connection to neighborhoods - less gas, less pollution 
3931452Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.132Yes YesYes1) 21st Street - Riverside to Yale 2) South Riverside to Bixby - Memorial DriveDowntown Trail Access
4013442Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.213YesYesYesYes1 - Connect ORU to Riverside 2/Overhead Street Crossing. 2 - Extend Riverside further south to connect to Yale. 3 - Extend Creek Expressway trail beyond Memorial & tie in Fry Ditch. 
4152341Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.132Yes YesYes  
4251234Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.123  YesYes  
4323154Easily Accessible - by car, bike, running/walking to the trail.123YesYesYesYes  
4421354Easily Accessible - by car, bike, running/walking to the trail.123 Yes YesOne that connects Sand Springs to PrattvilleLandscaping/lawn care. Many trails aren't "wide enough" only because weeds and various plants have overtaken the trails. The existence of poisonous plants (ivy, oak, etc.) on or near trails makes one not want to travel on the trails.
4515423Easily Accessible - by car, bike, running/walking to the trail. 1    Yes  
4631211Easily Accessible - by car, bike, running/walking to the trail.123   Yes1) River Trails 2) Creek Turnpike 3) LaFortune 4) West bank of ArkansasRestrooms, Water
4733432Easily Accessible - by car, bike, running/walking to the trail.123Yes YesYes Wider - Bike Courtesy
4821453Easily Accessible - by car, bike, running/walking to the trail.132YesYesYesYes1) Bottom of Turkey 1) Crossover at 44Bathroom at 71st. More H2O. Better H2O
4921534Easily Accessible - by car, bike, running/walking to the trail.132   Yes  
50   1 Easily Accessible - by car, bike, running/walking to the trail.1     Yes New Surface for LaFortune
5113245Easily Accessible - by car, bike, running/walking to the trail.213YesYesYesYesMore trails leading into outer subs off RiversideAccess across I-44 bridge
5243125Easily Accessible - by car, bike, running/walking to the trail.132   Yes  
5331254Easily Accessible - by car, bike, running/walking to the trail.132 Yes Yes Mileage marking on Creek Turnpike
5424113Easily Accessible - by car, bike, running/walking to the trail.312YesYesYesYes1) Path on 51st Street Bridge 2) Mohawk - a trail that is separate from the streetSurface and widening
5514523Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.321YesYesYesYesConnections from south Tulsa Co (Glenpool area) to river parks trails.Resurface and widen northern section of river parks trail (east side).
5655555Easily Accessible - by car, bike, running/walking to the trail.113    anyrestroom facilities
5753551Easily Accessible - by car, bike, running/walking to the trail.111YesYesYesYesCross-town from downtown to Woodland Hills mall area. Cross-town from ORU to Airport area.Bicycle safety training, so that pedestrians are not run over!
5854312Easily Accessible - by car, bike, running/walking to the trail.322Yes   Rail trail to Sperry and northward West bank south of I44 Creek extension, 96th & Memorial to northeast.Additional on-street marking, as on 36th street now.
5934512Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.312YesYesYesYes  
6045512Easily Accessible - by car, bike, running/walking to the trail.312Yes YesYesWould like to see accelerated development of the trails already on the master plan. Trails going south and southeast would seem to be the next logical step. A loop around Tulsa would also be a nice improvement. The trail going north to Barnsdall should also be a high priority since it has the potential to be so long.There are a few spots where the asphalt need repairing. Tree roots have caused some damage on the Katy trail as well as the trail along the turnpike. Some of the "trails that lead to nowhere" such as the PSO trail along the west bank should be connected to form loops somehow.
6114523Easily Accessible - by car, bike, running/walking to the trail.213Yes  YesI primarily ride my bike, mostly alone, so as a female, I'm interested in trails in areas of the city that are fairly safe. I don't do Katy by myself. A complete loop around town would be nice, through safe neighborhoods.Some areas of the trail from I-44 to 11th street bridge are narrow. There is no division between opposing traffic. Therefore, many walkers and runners take up the entire trail, and forget about opposing traffic or bikers that need to pass by. It gets especially bad in the fall when runners are gearing up for the Tulsa run, and tend to run in groups.
6224513Easily Accessible - by car, bike, running/walking to the trail.312Yes YesYesSince I use all of the present trails I would like to see them extended both to the north and to the south. This would benefit all the trail users, regardless of their home location. However, since there has been such a bulding boom South of the Creek Nation Turnpike, I think all of us living South would like to see the trails connected in some manner paralleing the Arkansas River and connecting to the trail at 131 St. This would keep cyclists off the narrow and/or high traffic roads of Yale, Sheridan, and Memorial. I am such a strong supporter of the trail system. Tulsa has done so much to make jogging, cycling, and walking a genuine pleasure. I'd rather see my tax dollars spent on trails second only to education! Trails allow peoples of all economic levels to use and enjoy the benefits of improving their physical and mental well being. I would not support a user tax as I feel it would immediately effect those who could not afford the fees and deny a benefit that is vital to their healthy environment.I'm sure maintenance is a problem, but on the Creek turnpike asphalt, there are already several ruptures that are going to be dangerous in the future to both cyclists and runners. The trails need to be better maintained if possible. I hate to add any criticism as I know our Tulsa economy is suffering and this seems petty. But maintenance of the trails is and will continue to be a vitial piece of the improvement process. Thanks for allowing we users to provide input!
6343512Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.213   YesRIverside to Cherry Street to Downtown. Connection of Sand Springs trail (by jail) to Riverside and OSU-Tulsa.Loops are always preferable to out-and-back trails.
6453421Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.132Yes YesYes  
6531452Neighborhood Connection - access from you home.112Yes