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Transportation Planning Division
2030 Transportation Plan Update Survey
Question 2
2. Do you Agree or Disagree with the following statements?
 Total %Total%
1.    Congestion in the Tulsa Region is worse than 5 years ago.42785.40%7314.60%
2.    Roadway Maintenance should get priority over Roadway Expansion.36973.80%13126.20%
3.    The Tulsa Area is easier to get around than other metro areas.34368.60%15731.40%
4.    Road Signs are helpful and adequate.34669.20%15430.80%
5.    Roadway construction zones are well marked.31763.40%18336.60%
6.    Bicycle/Pedestrian facilities in the Tulsa Metro Region are adequate17635.20%32464.80%
        (Sidewalks, bike routes & trails)    
7.    You are familiar with the Tulsa Transit bus routes/system18036.00%32064.00%