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Transportation Planning Division
2030 Transportation Plan Update Survey
Question 3
3. Assuming you have $100, how would you spend it given the following options?
 $0$10$20$30$40$50$60Average ($)
Street & Highway Maintenance605612611764433426.68
Add Lanes to Congested Roadways107951129345272120.78
Expand/Improve Transit Services19415974381810711.70
Building commuter rail24888554724172112.92
    (Light rail/monorail)        
Build bicycle/ pedestrian facilities148165973421142114.82
    (bike routes, trails & sidewalks)        
Technology enhancements to increase140152109492813914.96
    efficiency of existing roadways        
Most Significant Issues:
● High willingness to invest more in street
and highway maintenance and expansion.
● Willingness to invest in expand bicycle /
pedestrian, transit and technology 
● Although great interest in rail, there is little 
willingness to fund.