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Liberty Trail - Photo Gallery

Creek Turnpike Trail | Jenks Aquarium Trail | KATY Trail | Liberty Trail | Midland Valley Trail

Mingo Trail | Newblock Park Trail | Osage Trail | River City Trail (Sand Springs)

River Parks East Bank Trail
| River Parks West Bank Trail | River Walk Trail (Bixby)

The trail begins at NSU-Broken Arrow

Parking is available in the NSU parking lot without a permit


The trail crosses many bridges and creeks

Horses along the trail

Crossing at N 23rd St (193rd E Ave)

Some uphill grades make this a moderatly difficult trail

Pedestrian crossing at Elm

Some major street intersections do not require an at-grade crossing

Parking & water at Aspen

Bicyclist near Aspen

There are some hilly areas of the trail

Neighborhood access point

Neighborhood along the trail

Parking at New Orleans (101st St) and Garnett

Trail passing under the Creek Tpke

Trailhead sign near New Orleans and Garnett