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Mingo Trail - Photo Gallery

Trailhead sign at 41st and Hwy 169

Bicyclist on Mingo Trail

Picnic tables along the trail

Parking available at Southwood Baptist Church

Parking @ Southwood Baptist Church

Hicks Park

Crossing at Mingo Rd

Bridge across Mingo Creek

Mingo Creek

Cul-de-sac parking area at 26th & 92nd E. Ave

Soccer fields off of Skelly Dr

Picnic tables

Retention Pond near 21st & Skelly Dr.

North of 21st, the trail goes into Mingo Creek (avoid during high water)

Water near 17th Street

Neighborhood Access at 17th St. (no parking)

No parking at 17th St. neighborhood access

Do not enter Mingo Creek during high water


Access from Skelly Dr. eastbound