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Newblock Park Trail

Creek Turnpike Trail | Jenks Aquarium Trail | KATY Trail | Liberty Trail | Midland Valley Trail

Mingo Trail | Newblock Park Trail | Osage Trail | River City Trail (Sand Springs)

River Parks East Bank Trail
| River Parks West Bank Trail | River Walk Trail (Bixby)


Photo Gallery

Quick Facts

Trail Length: 1.5 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Trailheads/Parking Areas

  • Southwest Boulevard Bridge (aka 11th Street Bridge)*

  • Gilcrease Museum Road*

  • Newblock Park (parking available)

*Note: Parking is not available at either the Southwest Blvd or the Gilcrease Museum Rd. trailhead.  For trail parking, please use the Newblock Park trailhead.

Connections to Other Trails


Trail Map (pdf)

Newblock Park Map

The Newblock Park Trail serves as a connector from the Riverparks trail system to the KATY trail that goes to Sand Springs.  

The Newblock Park Trail is a beautiful connector to the KATY Trail for those wanting to visit Sand Springs.  This trail passes Newblock Park as well as the Tulsa Police and Tulsa Fire vehicle storage buildings.  This short 1.5 mile trail connects with the KATY trail at Gilcrease Museum Road.  There is one semi-difficult street crossing at Charles Page Blvd, just after leaving Newblock Park.  This is a 4-lane road without a signal.  Usually  traffic is not enough to make this crossing difficult.

There is a Tulsa Police Memorial located where the trail intersects Charles Page Blvd.  It recognizes the bravery of Tulsa Police Officers.