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Osage Trail - Photo Gallery

Trailhead at Skiatook

Skiatook trailhead

Skiatook Trailhead

Parking lot at Skiatook Trailhead

Skiatook trailhead

Lamp posts along trail

City of Skiatook maintenance area

Osage county line

Pond near the trail

Wetland areas near the trail

Bicyclists on the trail

Tulsa Co. Parks maintain parts of the trail

Cattle near the trail

City of Sperry

Parking are near Main St. in Sperry

Trailhead in Sperry near Main & Cincinnati

Downtown Sperry

Gazebo in downtown Sperry

Bridge south of Sperry

Rest area at Turley

Turley sign


Parking lot & rest area at 56th St. N

Pond at 56th St. N.

Trail detour down Lansing Ave.

Parking lot at Mohawk Blvd.

Downtown Tulsa skyline from the trail (near Pine)

Rudisill Regional Library

Carver Middle School

Signalized pedestrian crossing at Pine

The old Midland Valley railroad parallels the trail

Downtown Tulsa skyline

OSU-Tulsa Trailhead (located in the East Lot)

The trailhead is in the East Lot