The Indian Nations Council of Governments (INCOG) is a voluntary association of local and tribal governments in the Tulsa metropolitan area in northeast Oklahoma. Established in 1967, INCOG is one of 11 Councils of Governments in the State of Oklahoma, and one of several hundred regional planning organizations across the country.  INCOG provides planning and coordination services to assist in creating solutions to local and regional challenges in such areas as land use, transportation, community and economic development, environmental quality, public safety, and services for older adults.

INCOG serves Creek, Osage, Rogers, Tulsa, and Wagoner counties,more than 50 cities and towns located in those counties, and the Muscogee (Creek) and Osage Nations.


Tulsa Area Clean Cities
The Clean Cities mission is to is to improve energy security in the United States by promoting alternative fuels and fuel economy.

Through outreach and education, Tulsa Area Clean Cities promotes voluntary projects to increase the use of alternative fuel vehicles. It focuses on projects designed to reduce overall operating costs and increase public access to new fuel sources.

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