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The Environmental and Energy Planning Division manages regional and local water and air quality programs. INCOG offers assistance to member governments through a variety of programs focusing on water quality, air quality, engineering review, alternative fuels and flood control programs.

This division works with area governments, state agencies, and the federal government to implement water quality, stormwater and air quality programs, such as the Green Country Stormwater Alliance (GCSA), Ozone Alert! and Clean Cities programs.

INCOG is the administrator of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program for both Creek and Tulsa counties. This program is designed to increase the energy efficiency of county facilities, provide assistance to non-profit organizations, and encourage the use of more sustainable forms of energy.

INCOG is also one of three area-wide Designated Management Agencies for the Water Quality Management Plan (208 Plan) of Oklahoma. We work with state and federal agencies on behalf of all of our members on a wide variety of environmental, health, and permitting issues and can provide engineering support.

For more information, contact:
Vernon Seaman
Environmental and Energy Planning Manager