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The Energy Programs department at INCOG assists our member governments with the development of alternative energy, energy efficiency and alternative fuels.  Through education this department communicates with local, state and federally elected and appointed officials on the critical energy issues facing our region. INCOG’s Energy Program is committed to energy education and funding opportunities and organizes state and federal grant applications.

Tulsa Area Clean Cities Program
INCOG’s Energy Program hosts the Tulsa Area Clean Cities Coalition, a Department of Energy alternative fuel program. The Clean Cities mission is to reduce the use of petroleum in the transportation sector by utilizing alternative fuels, with a primary emphasis on fleets. 

Tulsa Area Clean Cities is a voluntary organization made up of local and state government agencies, private companies, and non-profit organizations. Through our public-private partnerships we help enhance energy security, promote energy independence and advance environmental quality in the state of Oklahoma.

To learn more, go to: www.TulsaCleanCities.com

The Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ)
Improvement Program

The Public Fleet Conversion program allows INCOG member governments and their public school districts within the Transportation Management Area to access funds for fleet conversions to alternative fuel vehicles. This is a competitive grant process managed by INCOG and Tulsa Area Clean Cities. Members must be in good standing with INCOG and Tulsa Area Clean Cities to apply for these funds. There is a 20% match requirement when applying for these funds. CMAQ funds allow access for fleet conversions to clean fuel technologies to include alternative fuel vehicles, idle reduction technology and hybrid vehicles.

For more information, contact:
Michelle Merchant
Sustainability Programs
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