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INCOG is the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Tulsa Transportation Management Area including Tulsa County and parts of Creek, Osage, Rogers, and Wagoner Counties. INCOG brings federal, state, and local governments and other transportation agencies together in a cooperative effort to assess the area’s transportation needs and to develop comprehensive, multi-modal plans that address those needs and goals of the region.

Plans are developed which identify improvements to be implemented within the next four years (Transportation Improvement Program) and 20-30 years in the future (Regional Transportation Plan). These plans, updated at least every four years, are integrated in the land development and capital programs of communities throughout the region. Transportation plans address not only roads and bridges but also bicycle and pedestrian facilities, freight, and transit. INCOG is also responsible for transportation programs that reduce individual and community isolation and improve access to jobs, health care, and community life for residents in the region.

INCOG Urbanized Area Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) Grant Application

Eligible projects must be located within INCOG’s adjusted Tulsa Urbanized Area (see map in application) and be sponsored by one of the following entities:
1) Local governments
2) Regional Transportation Authorities
3) Transit agencies
4) Natural resource or public lands agencies
5) School Districts, local education agencies or schools (note: It is INCOG’s preference that school districts partner with local governments for project applications if it is a project within the public right-of-way);
6) Tribal governments
7) A nonprofit entity
8) A State, at the request of an eligible entity listed above
9) Any other local or regional governmental entity with responsibility or oversight of transportation or recreational trails that the state determines to be eligible, consistent with the goals of Subsection (c) of Section 213 of Title 23.

INCOG expects to have approximately $6.9 million available for TAP projects for the adjusted Tulsa Urbanized Area (UZA). Sponsors may request up to $1,000,000 of federal funds per project, and no less than $75,000 per project. Projects must have a 20% minimum match of non-federal funds. For example, if the grant request is $1,000,000, the non-federal funding commitment must be at least $200,000. (There is no limit to the overall project size.) In addition, a single project sponsor may submit up to three applications. If more than one application is submitted, please indicate priority on the first page of the application.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, January 13, 2023 by 4:00 pm CST
Anticipated announcment of grant awards: April 2023

For additional Information, contact Jane Ziegler, Transportation Planner/ Bicycle-Pedestrian Coordinator
at 918.579.9427 or jziegler@incog.org

Click here for the FFY 2022-2024 Transportation Alternatives Program Instructions and Application

INCOG Local Road Safety Action Plan (LRSP, INCOG, 2022)

This Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP) was developed to address safety on local (non-State owned) roads in the INCOG region. It incorporates many of the principles and elements of the Safe System approach and provides a data-driven framework to focus safety efforts for INCOG and its member agencies. The LRSP aligns with the Oklahoma Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) and includes strategies and action items that can lead to a reduction of traffic related fatalities and serious injuries in the INCOG region when implemented collectively by the INCOG stakeholders.

Click here for the Local Road Safety Plan

Surface Transportation Program (STP)
Project Prioritization and Selection Process

INCOG, as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Tulsa metropolitan area, is required to establish a selection process for the distribution of Surface Transportation Block Grants Program (STBGP) funds.
Priority funding is given to projects that meet federal regulations and help advance the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)

Click here for the Surface Transportation Program (STP) Project Prioritization and Selection Process document.

For additional Information, contact Braden Cale, Transportation Programs Coordinator
at 918-579-9419 or bcale@incog.org